In a tweet by IGN France, we were told to “save the date” for March 8th, in a similar font and style to the Arkham Origins teaser. WB hasn’t said anything yet, but could it mean a new Batman game?

The French in the tweet reads, “Ohhh say, what do you think?”. It’s definitely a Batman font, with the cracked WB logo of the Arkham games.

With the release of the short Batman: Arkham VR experience, it’s possible that more DC universe games are on the horizon, maybe even in virtual reality. This is all speculation, as only IGN France has said anything on the subject, though, they seem to be milking it. The Twitter account has even retweeted speculative tweets on the subject, comparing the teaser with the old Batman: Arkham Origins one. Whether this suggests a connection, or pure trolling on their part is yet to be seen.

Whatever happens, we’ll know by March 8th. Either WB and related companies make an announcement too, or the day comes and goes with no related information. It’s also possible that Warner Bros. Games may be ready to release more games in the universe, and the Batman assets were the ones that were ready.

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