8-Bit Studios has just announced a new update for their game, Skara: The Blade Remaining. Patch 0.7.2 of the free-to-play, third person melee action game brings with it the conclusion of the Cataclysm event that showcased some for the game’s best players. These players won the honor of having their exploits documented on the game’s Wiki page. The company has also released a new gameplay trailer for the new patch.

Cesar Ortega, the Executive Producer & CFO of 8-Bit talks about the success of this recent event by saying, “Players loved the three day event with some of them spending over 50 hours competing for the top places. As promised, we are now featuring the best players in Skara Lore, a unique approach to community building that players find very rewarding”

The developers behind the game have stated that Skara: The Blade Remaining promises a new and interesting way in which lore is done in games by using the exploits and adventures of their player base, allowing for the player base to write the lore as they go.

Skara: The Blade Remaining is a free-to-play title still in the Open Alpha phase of development. It is currently available on Steam.

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