The PlayStation 4 has been the most successful consoles of the present generation. With great software, hardware, and loyal fans, this system has been a staple in most houses of a gamer across the world. We are seeing more of companies like Sony extending the lifespan of their devices this generation. With that in mind, the PlayStation 4 has just received a brand new update, called 4.50. Let’s take a look at some of the brand new features.

If you’ve had a PlayStation 4 for awhile, your hard drive space might be down to almost nothing. With the new update, there is now support for external HDD’s up to 8TB. That’s a massive amount of space just for your hard earned game files. Next, do you wish to see something besides that classic PlayStation blue background on your dashboard? You can now set up a custom wallpaper of your choosing.

The PlayStation 4 has always been able to play blu-rays, but now any 3D blu-ray can be viewed in the proper form by using the PlayStation VR. Bring your friends over for a movie night and really experience these films like never before. Other changes are a revamped Quick Menu and Notifications System. The PlayStation 4 is looking better than ever.

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