First revealed during the E3 press conference all the way back in 2009, The Last Guardian was put through development hell for many years until finally being released just at the tail end of last year. While receiving mostly positive reviews, sales are not up to what one would expect for a title that was anticipated for so long. Sony decided to make a drastic change in order to get The Last Guardian in the hands of more players.

While many people who liked the concept of this action-adventure waited nearly eight years for the release, those who decided to wait just a bit longer are now being rewarded. The Last Guardian has just received a permanent price cut of $20. Appearing on the PlayStation Store, Amazon, and other retailers, it can now be purchased at $39.99.

Looking more into this, Polygon was able to confirm with a representative from Sony that this price cut is indeed permanent. While it may seem quite soon, considered The Last Guardian only came out this last December 6th, anyone who was slightly curious now has a bit more of an incentive to grab a copy for themselves.

Hopefully this price cut will be mutually beneficial to both players and the hard working developers at Sony.

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