UnDungeon is a beautiful game that mixes top-down dungeon crawling, action RPG mechanics, and rogue-like permadeath. The game’s Kickstarter campaign recently reached its funding goal and is now working towards various stretch goals. Two of these goals, specifically a hub world and character-specific quests, have already been unlocked, but goals such as playable console versions are still in the works.

Unlike some more recent video game Kickstarter campaigns, UnDungeon is neither a spiritual successor to an existing franchise nor a long-awaited sequel to an old game. Instead, UnDungeon is a brand new IP and has managed to attract the attention of the Square Enix Collective.

UnDungeon takes place on an Earth ravaged by an event that combined several parallel Earths into an amalgamated mess. In the game, players take control of a “Herald”, one of several beings who hail from these parallel Earths.  Each Herald has his or her (or its) own strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and equipment. Furthermore, each Herald is powered by “The Core,” an artifact that plays a role in the backstory of the game as well as its permadeath system. Each time a Herald dies, The Core revives and transports them to a new world that has to be explored all over again.

The UnDungeon campaign will run until February 13th, and the game is scheduled to release for the PC in January of 2018. The game will only receive PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PS Vita versions if certain stretch goals are met.

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