Everybody knows that Microsoft are the brand in the world of PC’s. Their console division has proven to be a massively successful enterprise since the original Xbox, and now the giant tech firm look to be bringing PC input to their console with the future addition of mouse and keyboard support.

Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, was tweeted a question asking whether or not the Xbox One would, “gain any PC peripherals such as keyboard and mouse because of halo wars 2?” Spencer’s response was that although the additional input devices wouldn’t be present for the 21st February release of the RTS Halo Wars 2, he states that, “this is support we’d like to add as it [HW2] comes to the Xbox platform.”

The console community seem to have mixed feelings about the idea, one user tweeting,”I don’t want to play against k/m players in fps games.” It can be said though, that for games such as the strategy genre, console versions are limited with the controller support. An example would be the game Red Alert 3 that released for the PS3. The input method was overly complicated with the use of a controller, and it took away the spontaneity required for a fluid Real-Time-Strategy experience like with the PC version.

So in the near future, expect to be able to choose how you play your Xbox One, with its traditional controller, or with the support of the PC user’s favorite, the keyboard and mouse. This new development should certainly spark up some debate among the community, as to what is best suited with their style of playing and style of game.

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