Headup Games, along with Icebird Studios, have announced that their real time strategy game, Subsiege will be headed to Steam this month.The game is set to appear on Steam Early Access beginning on March 8th and will feature a discount of 35% off for those looking to pick the game up on release. The developers have also released a trailer showing off some of the intense combat and mechanics that Subsiege brings to the table.

The move to launch the game on Steam Early Access will allow for the developers to listen to player feedback and make changes to the game before it is officially launched on Steam.

Subsiege features a mix of real time strategy and MOBA mechanics, focusing on massive 12-player battles that take place 30,000ft below the ocean surface.

Players take control of Hero-like squads, each with their own set of unique abilities as they fight against other players for resources and strategic points on the map. Subsiege looks to offer ruthless and tactical gameplay, emphasizing skill and the ability to make quick decisions. The game is currently in its Closed Beta phase. Players currently participating have a change to win a key for the full access version of the game.

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