Ever since Microsoft came in to the gaming industry with the original Xbox many years ago, their consoles have become a staple for every following generation. Young gamers growing up today think of the Xbox devices the same way we did early PlayStations and others. For any developer, the honor of having your game on the same system as Halo or Gears of War would be a dream come true. That dream is about to get a whole lot closer for many creators out there.

This week as part of GDC, Microsoft has announced the new Creators Program coming to the Xbox One. With it, developers will be able to publish their games on the latest Microsoft console and Windows 10 PCs, where they will be shared to the rest of the world. As soon as one of your titles is published, you’ll be part of the Universal Windows Program.

An even better part about the Xbox Live Creators Program is that you can use any engines you are used to with integrated UWP settings. These include Unity, MonoGame, Xenko, and more. As an added bonus, you can create a ID@Xbox to take advantage of Xbox Live features for your publishing, such as social media marketing and more.

There have not been any details given as to if this will cost anything or if there will be certain restrictions. We’ll have to wait to find out more about the upcoming Xbox Live Creators Program.

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