Pokemon GO Alakazam Gengar

Niantic shares more info on Pokemon Go trading system

In an interview with Polygon at this year's Game Developers Conference, Tatsuo Nomura outlined the direction they want to go in for the future of Pokemon Go. The upcoming trading system in Pokemon Go will officially be done by proximity, meaning you'll have to... Read More...
Project EvE

Project EvE by ATAT Tech sounds amazing

While it seems like the world of virtual reality is something that many game developers are investing in for the future, some feel there is another reality to set their sights on. In this case, I am talking abo... Read More...

Xbox One offering Creators Program for developers

Ever since Microsoft came in to the gaming industry with the original Xbox many years ago, their consoles have become a staple for every following generation. Young gamers growing up today think of the Xbox devices the same way we did early PlayStations and ot... Read More...

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