Battleborn new hero release date revealed

From the makers of Borderlands, Battleborn is MOBA-like shooter that encourages players to build up the perfect team in order to take down the opponents. One of the best parts of this new era of MOBA type games... Read More...

Overwatch comics to be published by Dark Horse

As Overwatch continues to dominate online multiplayer games, it is important to note that is just for its great gameplay. The characters and lore that surround this hero shooter have really grasped players and helped to shape Overwatch as the success it is. Th... Read More...

The newest Pokemon to be revealed is a game changer

Within the midst of all the bubbling joy of Pokemon GO, it was easy to miss out on the reveal of one of the new Pokemon to be introduced in the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon. Its name is Salandit and is one smarmy looking 'Toxic Lizard'. Salandit will be a Fir... Read More...

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