Paragon’s latest hero has been revealed. Named Greystone, the hero looks like he’s a support character from the latest Warcraft movie, with some resemblance to Garen of League of Legends.

In a blog post on Epic Game’s website, Greystone’s able to close gaps, has a natural armor boost, and can even come back from the dead. He seems more like a traditional bruiser, which is nice considering that Paragon’s had some pretty experimental hero builds.

“Using “Assault the Gates” to close the gap on high-priority targets, Greystone then activates “Make Way” dealing damage in an area around him. He doesn’t mind taking a few blows since his “Stoic” ability grants him passive bonus resistances. When Greystone’s opponents think they’ve bested him, he turns to stone and is respawned through his ultimate ability, “Reforged.” With his spirit crashing down from above, Greystone returns from the dead with a portion of his HP and  full Mana while damaging and knocking up enemies around him.”

Greystone will be released for play on July 12th for those currently with Early Access privileges. Paragon will enter an open beta in August as well for those that want to just try out the game for free. Check out the trailer below to see Paragon’s latest hero in action.

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