Destiny: Rise of Iron

Destiny update will stack up the loot

The last expansion for Bungie's epic shooter Destiny has hit. Fans are happy with the new raid and other features that came with it. Of course, when something new of this size is released, there will be a couple of bugs here and there. Luckily for us, the deve... Read More...
Destiny Iron Banner

Destiny Iron Banner returning this week

Bungie has brought us a massive world to explore and play to our heart's content with their ongoing and epic shooter, Destiny. This popular title has recently seen the release of it's third expansion with Rise of Iron. Of course, with a new expansion came much... Read More...
Destiny Rise of Iron

Destiny: Rise of Iron Review

When it first released two years ago, Destiny was far from a perfect game. Doubling down on their commitment to make the franchise last the next decade however, Bungie has continued refining and polishing. As a... Read More...