Update: Just as predicted, this week's Strike is the Will of Crota, featuring Omnigul. Get on it, Guardians.

The long-running battle between the developers at Bungie and Reddit’s Megamanexe4 rages on this week in Destiny. After Bungie proved they could alter Xur’s stock in real-time by preventing players from peeking at his wares via data-mining, Megaman has taken to it again to check out next week’s Nightfall and Iron Banner gear.

Taking to Reddit, Megaman carefully noted that this weekend’s Xur is, in fact, not the original Xur that was supposed to show up this week in Destiny. According to him, Xur wasn’t originally supposed to sell Read Death, a gun that players are incredibly excited to get their hands on.

So instead of leaking Xur’s curios for next weekend, Megaman has provided next week’s Nightfall and Weekly Heroic, as well as the Iron Banner gear available from the 17th onwards, which you can see below.

Unless Bungie changes the rotation last-minute, next week’s Nightfall and Weekly Heroic Strike features everyone’s favourite Wizard, Omnigul.

The Nightfall will feature Epic, Nightfall, Lightswitch, Angry, and Arc burn. Dealing with Lightswitch and Arc burn, considering how many Thrall there are, and the fact that pretty much every enemy in the Strike deals Arc damage, will be tough this week.

The Weekly Heroic, meanwhile, features Heroic and Arc burn, which will be easier to deal with after removing the other buffs (especially Lightswitch).

Moving on to the Iron Banner gear, it looks as if players are in for a treat next week with Lord Saladin selling a mix of new weapons and rank 3 & 4 legendary gear with bonuses such as being able to carry more ammo for auto and fusion rifles. Below is a slideshow of all the upcoming Iron Banner items:

  • Anders Öhlund

    I’m hoping for those Iron Regalia Vestments so I can get to 32 and be done with this game… until the expansion comes =)

    • Daniel Robinson

      Lol done with the game? Well the DLC doesn’t come out till May or June…

      • Anders Öhlund

        Yeah. I’m hoping that once the numbers can’t go up any more I’ll be able to get this monkey off my back and move on 😛

    • RiseAgainstDerek

      Why would you play a game just to reach max rank and quit

      • Anders Öhlund

        Becuse I’m addicted and I’m trying to stop? But I can’t as long as the NUMBERS KEEP GOING UP! =P

  • WarIsaRacketBySmedleyButler

    The autorifle looks like garbage but the machine might be decent.

  • Santa1936 .

    Omnigul with arc, lightswitch, and angry? Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

    • Anders Öhlund

      Yeah it’s not like EVERYTHING does Arc or Melee in Omnigul or anything and there are no great cheese spots either as far as I know.

      • Santa1936 .

        Not to mention all the thrall and other such melee characters raping you the whole time

      • John Nemesh

        On the far side of the final area, where you battle Omnigul herself, there is an upper level room. In that room, there is JUST enough space to hide from attacks if you jump up on the rocks in there. The Thralls and Knights wont be able to get up there. So…get at least 2 players in that room…one shoots, the other hides. When the shooting player dies, the hiding player revives them. Wash, rinse, repeat. Makes taking Omnigul out pretty damn easy.

  • Brilliant! My favorite strike!

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