What is Destiny‘s Prison of Elders?

Aside from Trials of Osiris, the Prison of Elders is Bungie’s latest addition to Destiny alongside the House of Wolves. In what is essentially a horde mode, players must fight through 5 rounds of increasing difficult enemies, with round each sporting 3 waves. Some waves just consist of enemies in droves, while others have specific objectives that need to be completed to avoid wiping and losing.

Who is Qodron?

Qodron is the latest Prison of Elders boss after this week’s reset (26th May) for the level 34 tier. A Vex Gate Lord, Qodron is incredibly difficult as far as bosses go: it sports an incredibly powerful, yet slow, cannon with immense splash damage; a ridiculous amount of health; and it spawns what’s called ‘Qodron’s Eye’, which is a new mechanic to Destiny’s Prison of Elders.

Destiny Qodron in the Prison of Elders

Qodron’s Eye is a shiny Vex Hobgoblin that will spawn seemingly randomly during the final boss fight with Qodron, and approximately 30 seconds into the boss fight he will look for the players and ‘mark’ them, trapping them in shields the players must shoot or punch to escape from.

Players’ health slowly drains within the shields, so if you don’t get out quickly, you don’t get out at all.

How can I beat Qodron in the Prison of Elders?

After playing through the level 34 Prison of Elders boss, running around with Qodron and Qodron’s Eye, and checking out a number of other strategies players have used to complete the Prison of Elders boss, here are a number of different strategies you can use to best Qodron.


Method 1.


  • Primary: Any
  • Secondary: Preferable one Shotgun, one Sniper Rifle (Shotgun for Shields, Sniper Rifle for random enemies/snipers)
  • Heavy: Something that does a lot of damage (some also suggest Super Good Advice for shields – it’s up to you)

Player tasks:

  • Player 1: Focuses on Qodron the whole time
  • Player 2: Focuses on Qodrom and some enemies
  • Player 3: Focuses on enemies and keeping track of Qodron’s Eye

Where do I go?

The best place I found to hold out is the left hand corner of the room, as Qodron has limited line of site around the array of boxes and poles stacked up over there. Qodron’s Eye usually seemed to spawn relatively near us on that side too, so that wasn’t usually a problem.

What do I do?

The method itself is simple enough, actually:

  • Head to left corner of the room, take out random enemies along the way
  • Find a good firing position behind cover and lay into Qodron with as much Heavy Ammo as you can muster, all simultaneously
  • The words “Qodron is searching for targets” will appear – Qodron’s Eye is about to lock you inside shields
  • Players focus on Qodron’s Eye – whoever deals the final blow will gain a buff
  • Player who has the buff can easily break the shields – break the rest of the fireteam’s shields before they die.
  • Repeat.

The beauty in the boss is that it encourages teamwork and coordination; though speaking from experience it’s an incredibly hard fight. I hope this guide has helped.

Here are some tips to keep in mind while trying to conquer Desitny‘s Prison of Elders:

  • The buff gained from killing Qodron’s Eye only lasts around 30 seconds
  • The ‘Skolas method’ allegedly works – where one Titan player drops a Bubble Shield, while all players jump in and out firing constant Gjallarhorn shots.
  • Voidwalkers with the Ram helmet can break their own way out of their shields every time (shoot until nearly dead, punch the shield for health, repeat.
  • Make sure you’re comfortable with whatever weapon combo you’re using
  • Supers recharge incredibly slowly due to the Round’s ‘skull’.
We will continue to add new methods and advice as they are tested and

  • Jordan

    Honestly we gave up after an hour, there were two bosses working upto Qoodron and we all spent our heavy synths. Then we went in blind and kept getting rolled. After we found out what to do we got his health to near zero but no one could find the eye. Three worlocks is the best way to go as if you miss the eye you can radiance and keep the fight going. Hunters are having a hard time from what my friends are saying.

    • Alex Connellan

      The boss fights leading up to it definitely made it extra gruelling. That sucks to hear that you had such a tough time – Qodron’s Eye is a slippery little Vex, he’s hard to find sometimes.

      As a Hunter myself, I completely agree with this sentiment. A good way to go is to use the Nighthawk Helmet as a Hunter (if they have it of course) just because of the extra Golden Gun damage to the boss.

      Radiance with Warlocks is definitely a winner, especially when it comes to the shields popping up

    • Dyne Grey

      Just ran it with two hunters and a warlock. My two hunter allies were constant life savers due to Invis perks. Hunters are always great support.

  • Shadowreeper1337

    I gave up to difficult for me at least that fusion rifle is not worth it I’m sticking with my black hammer it has yet to be dethroned by any other legendary secondary

    • Shadowreeper1337

      Although it would seem beastly for ark nightfalls

  • bluemagic

    just wasted 3/4 hours tryna do this last boss. I don’t have a gjallahorn unfortunately so all our efforts was pointless. smh that damn Qodron’s Eye was a real problem. The closest we got him down to was 5% with great effort but splash damage ended that.

    • hollywoodr4

      Yeah, I have yet to see someone complete the stupid boss without any Gjallarhorns at all, RNG wins again

      • Xander

        I have finished it twice, not one person in my team had Gall’y. It took a fair amount of attempts as on the second run, none of my team had done it, but we still finished the whole POE in 3 hrs. We had 2 Warlocks and a Titan Defender with Weapons of Light. All 34’s. My loadout was Fang, Full Auto Shotgun and 365 Thunderlord. Fang and weapons of light were doing just under 600damage per shot, whilst the others were using ICE Breakers and Rockets to do around 6000 Damage per shot. Make sure that when the Warlock Revive’s himself to create as many orbs as possible. Also the right works better as there is the hut there which is good for getting the Eye once Ad’s have been cleared out.

  • mc55

    very fast method :
    1 titan with weapon of light (saint 44) and gjal 365, special shotgun
    2 guardians with gjal 365, special shotgun
    full rockets on start and clear time for nexy reload

    stay behind doors in center place, all guardians very fast shoot to
    boss 2 times and reloading rockets in bubble 😉 and shoot again.

    important: in shooting one guardian left side , titan center (jump) third guardian right side, with this system kill himself from rocket not possible

    must do it very fast beacuse Quadron seek target

    sorry for my english

  • This was a rough fight and my team was ultimately not successful. We stayed off the web for the most part and had basically come up with a similar strategy, once we got our heads wrapped around the mechanic. We finally had a YouTube breakdown and that is when we added the “left side” strat to the run. It is loads better that way and less hectic overall. However we were denied victory several times despite out best efforts because the spawning of Qodron’s Eye is erratic, especially the longer you are in the fight. Several times we could never even spot him from our positions at all or he would be so far away there was no chance to destroy him in time. The real pisser of the whole mission is the “Trickle” modifier. Waiting around for supers (and heavy ammo) to charge is what drags this one out to near unbearable levels.

    Good luck to all Guardians. I’m sure we’ll be trying it…again.

    • Mark

      we did the same thing – i kept trying to convince my team to go left side but would not agree until someone youtubed it…even then we still could not finish.

      I feel that running this with 2 locks and one titan is the way to go. It is a hybrid approach really that I want to try tonight…but my thinking is this:

      Start out with the DPS approach – titan drops bubble with weapons of light – tear into the boss as much as possible. Dont even worry about the eye dudester and have one of the locks rez and revive the team. That said, it is important the two guys kill themselves prior to the bubble going up to reduce their countdown time. Warlock revives team, kills as many peeps as poss to generate orbs for titan – titan pops weapons of light and so forth. Basically, you jsut flip flop which lock with use rez and make sure players die early enough such that when warlock uses his special he wont have to wait long to get the rest of the team up.

      may not work, like i said I haven’t tried it yet but seems like it should work and removes the need to focus on then eye…

      • Tom Tte

        The problem with tearing into him is that it spawns the adds, which are triggered at health levels of the boss. So if you want to swim in enemies while also trying to down the Eye to survive the next containment field, be my guest. This wouldn’t all be so insane if the bosses weren’t yellow shielded mobs in droves, that our weapons (that seem not so effective, even at 365, especially hand cannons) can’t do enough damage against 3 yellows at a time. These yellows even take a full rocket volley and are still coming. Way overdone.

        • Mark

          hmm that is a good point – like i said i have not tried out the method i described about yet…but it seems like it should work. The whole thing is predicated on proper timing including when guys die and when the warlock revives himself and starts spitting out orbs. Basically, when the titan is revived…if there are not enough orbs on the ground for him to rebuild his shield it pretty much screws the whole thing up….that said, once I try this I will post if it was effective at all.

          • Dyne Grey

            Titan has to be revived BEFORE the warlock kills anything with self res. All orbs disappear when you die, so even if the warlock made a dozen, if he needs to revive the bubble bro, it won’t matter.

        • Dyne Grey

          I found the ice breaker is great for staggering the hobgoblins. Nothing else about that fight is particularly difficult. Give it a try. I was running shotgun, but didn’t have the ammo to use it on hobgoblins and the containment feild, so I switched to self regenerating ammo and it became much easier. I’m also quite good with a sniper, though. If you aren’t, it could become more difficult to quickly stagger multiple hobs with a sniper with that kind of recoil. Invective also regens.

  • Divinehand123

    This is just so rough when you’re 33 and everyone you play with is 33 as well, since no one that wants to lay with you is 34. I played 3 hours in this fight last night with only making it out of the first bubble a couple times. I think by luck we did. At 33 even getting the Jailbreaker perk it was too difficult to get out of the bubble. Shotguns were too slow to reload and we got damaged too much by the bubble the person with Jailbreak had no time to get others out. Horribly designed.

    • Dyne Grey

      Teamwork. When the detainment field is about to go up, have everyone stand together and face each other. Whoever has jail break can then fire three rounds with the ice breaker and everyone is out in a seconds time. Ice breaker easily staggers hobgoblins, too, so it’s a really good choice. I was using a shotgun on the feild, but kept running out of ammo. Keep one person shooting the boss and two people fighting mobs, using rockets when needed.

  • TEE1NE

    You can only really beat this with maxed g-horns and max heavy ammo with a titan bubble. Otherwise we’re all just wasting hours upon hours trying to scratch the bastard. Huge design flaws on Bungie’s part. Either they patch this or I’m not wasting my time for one etheric light.

  • That is a strategy we tried for a while but we switched to the high dps strategy we used on Skolas last week but using Blessing of Light instead so when you step out of the bubble the overshield takes the damage and not your health. Our Titan was 33 so would do less damage but the 2 Sunsingers were 34 and can self revive and walk right out of the bubble to finish Qodron off.


    The encounter itself is inventive and has no design flaws. The only problem with this round is for this week it has Trickle. While Bungie says everything is randomized in PoE I do NOT think that they should ever allow Trickle to be a modifier on a boss fight. Regenerating abilities is incredibly important against a boss, especially one that detains you in a bubble that drains your health.

    • Tom Tte

      Good point on the Trickle. Should be a burn, not a challenge.

  • Etonje

    30 seconds kill was the best option. But the first one as teamwork looking for the eye and kill spawning enemies it is really hard.

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  • Natalie

    This was incredibly hard!!! 4 hours and we just quit! Getting out of the bubble even with the jail breaker was difficult and left no time to get your teammates out. We made it a couple of times but I am sure it was luck. All maxed out weapons and gally and still didn’t leave enough time in between to actually fight the boss. 2 hunters and a warlock and it didn’t work. If anyone finds an easier method please post! Wish everyone else luck.

  • Victor Wilcox

    Having beaten Qodron twice — can say this level design is total crap … very lazy. It’s not that the boss is difficult to beat … it’s that it requires luck on every single round consecutively along the way. You can be almost done and the eye will inexplicably run backwards and dance somewhere out of range…. fun times… “great job”, Bungie.

    Just Gjallarhorn the idiot boss to death — if that fails, lfg for group with titan / warlock to do it with.. and then start skipping the 34 any week this stupidity comes up.

  • Tom Tte

    This is all insane. I beat Qodron 3 times this week using the 30 sec Gallahorn method, and wasted hours upon hours in various groups trying to do it “normally.” This all has the effect of seriously ####ing off the players who don’t have Gallahorn yet and try week after week, month after month, to get one in vain. I beat Skolas once, it’s insane, and what makes it more insane is the time wasted between attempts to get your ammo back and your cooldowns relieved to just try again. Not to mention that you have to see that cutscene every ####ing time. This all stretches a reasonable amount of attempts into a 6-hour fiasco of gaming. I will not do 35 Skolas again. It is all too aggravating for all the reasons I just went through. Terrible gaming.

    • Tom Tte

      What also makes this insane, is that they reportedly nerfed down the challenge level of that Cabal Strike with the tank, as being too difficult for rank and file players, and that the Cabal Strike was the most abandoned strike in the game… and then they give us this nonsense? Frankly, no content should require you to take hours of repeat attempts. I’m now at the point that I won’t do PoE anymore unless I have hours of free time lined up, so I look at the controller and say, “do I bother logging in, don’t have time for a PoE, what else would I do if I logged in?” What a fiasco.

  • mfqdy

    just let qodron face the power of Gjallarhorn

  • 2Bit_Hack

    I just beat with a random group. Some tips: Everyone should have a “burst damage” weapon in case nobody has the Jailbreak buff. Also, whoever is hunting down the eyes should go Universal Remote as primary and a sniper as secondary. Having Defender Titans with Weapons of Light perk is also useful.

  • Jim

    Just beat it with a 32 titan and 33 warlock. Only 1 gally….followed the above method ” left corner “. Qudron eyes kept walking towards us, shoot them but don’t kill them. We killed them every 45 seconds right before prison. Ran right thru it. Definitely need one guy constantly shooting qudron. Max red death works good.

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