Move over, Nathan Drake.

A screenshot may have revealed that Crash Bandicoot could be making an appearance on Sony platforms later this fall.

After appearing on NeoGAF, the image, as seen above, shows an outline of Crash Bandicoot along with a date of November 24, 2015 and the phrase “He will rise again.”

Both a PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita logos are also included on the bottom of the image, yet the most suspicious image is the inclusion of the Naughty Dog logo, the company who most recently produced the Uncharted series and The Last of Us.

Naughty Dog was the original developer of the first four games in the Crash Bandicoot series before moving onto Jak and Daxter. The studio is currently producing Uncharted 4, making it seem unlikely they would devote time to doing anything associated with Crash Bandicoot.

The outline of Crash appears to resemble the character from the Naughty Dog days – is a collection of the original games coming playable on PS4 and Vita?

Let us know if you think this image is legit or if this rumor feels more sour than overripe wumpa fruit.

  • Thomas Paul Jennings

    They couldn’t even get a new render to use for Crash; awfully fake.

  • Dustin McFadden

    Unless Naughty Dog bought the rights back for Crash, then I don’t see this as legit.

  • ScienceRules

    Activision still holds the trademark for Crash Bandicoot. Unless the USPTO hasn’t updated and Naughty Dog bought it back, this is awfully fake.

  • James Beckham

    I hope it’s true, but I doubt it’s true. I mean, I’m pretty sure that we would have heard if Naughty Dog had bought back the rights, and since nobody I know has heard anything about that happening I have to believe it’s fake.

  • Kushaba Akami

    Hope hope hope!

  • Paulo Mendonça

    I hope it to become true anyway… Love Crash and it’s a must-have for PS4 and Vita!

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