Those hoping to save a few bucks on their next Sony console may want to brace for a letdown.

Last week, the rumor mill was churning hard when word began spreading that alleged price drops for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita could be announced as soon as E3.

An image appeared online from a Sony loyalty site listing the approximate retail value of a PS4 at $349 and the value of a PS Vita at $89. Not long after, US retailer Fry’s Electronics is reportedly now selling the non-bundled PS4 at the above price of $349.

However, despite what “leaks” and rumors have been circulating, Sony announcing the above price drops anytime soon would be frivolous, silly and just plain foolish. They won’t be happening and for good reasons.

The PlayStation 4 has sold incredible since its launch. It’s Sony’s fasting-selling console to date, selling 20.2 million units as of March 2015. The PS4 has sold as many units in its year and a half since launch as the PlayStation 3 took almost three years to accomplish. PS4 has outsold the Xbox One all but three months of this console generation. With one of those being most recently, is it finally time for Sony to drop the PS4’s price to be an equivalent of the Xbox One’s lower price point? Not quite.

The PS4 has had the appeal of appearing to both core and casual gamers and is selling tremendously because of that. Sony has won over gamers by claiming to put games first, placing more effort into online multiplayer capabilities and making the system a great hub for all aspects of entertainment for music, video streaming and more. Simultaneously, the company is grabbing casual gamers by becoming the marketing partner behind some of the biggest games that come from third party developers such as Destiny, Star Wars Battlefront and Batman: Arkham Knight. PS4 is now the console that has become associated with these games in this generation, which only helps sales in the end.


It’s no secret that the PS4 doesn’t have the strongest first party line up, which makes the sales of the console that much more perplexing. Until Bloodborne, it can be argued the console didn’t have a must-play first party title, so Sony dropping the price before it releases huge “system seller” exclusives for the console such as Uncharted and God of War would seem strange.

As for the Vita, the drop from its current price of $199 to $89 seems drastic. The next step after a price drop this big is for Sony to just hand players a Vita when they purchase a PS4 (and not just because that’s the only thing they market the handheld system for). Sure, the Vita isn’t selling like Sony ever would hope it would, but dropping it this low is the translation of giving up.

A drop to this price would indicate that Sony has no faith in the Vita or that another iteration of the system is on its way. At this point, those who are interested in owning a Vita probably have one, and dropping it to $89, which most likely would result in selling the system at a loss, doesn’t seem like it would yield that much for the company in the end. Dropping the price of Vita that much is also doing a disservice to those fans who have purchased it and supported it at its current price.

While crazier things have certainly happened, come Sony’s press conference on June 15, expecting a permanent price drop of either system seems highly unlikely. As of right now, you’re probably better off putting your hopes into a Last Guardian reveal.


  • Valkyrine

    Sony has a great lead on the PS4. I think them lowering the price is good news and a great plan to make the gap bigger. Companies make a lot more money on games sold on that console as suppose to consoles sold. Infact most of the times they take a hit on the console just to get it into consumers hands.

  • Hvd

    he is right sony looses money on every ps4 sold.there may never be a price drop on the ps4.

    • Him

      Wrong, the PS4 is Sony’s first profit making console, fact.

      • mustachio

        That may be true now with hardware depreciation but i do remember Sony stating at the beginning that they would take a $60 loss per ps4 due to cost of hardware at the time. They have been making profit since last year though.

        • SirAngry

          I’m sorry, but I don’t recall Sony saying anything of the sort. Plus at launch time the components in the PS4 were hardly ‘expensive’. Both MS and Sony tried going for the Business model Nintendo adopted with the Wii, try to make money on the hardware by not going so cutting edge. Pretty sure Sony have said they made money on every PS4 sold.

        • Domiddian

          Your memory is a little hazy then. I specifically remember both companies declaring profit margins on each console, with Sony saying they made about $18 profit per PS4 sold, whilst Microsoft made $28 profit per Xbox One sold. Obviously Microsoft’s profit margin was stated before they drastically cut the cost to what it is now.

        • Him

          My understanding was that they were actually making a very small profit at the beginning and it’s increased with component cost scaling…

          It’s not that important anyway, I think the point is that Sony have saved on costs by steering clear of proprietary components that cost more to develop and manufacture.

  • Since when has Sony had faith in the Vita DOUBLE LOL!!! 😛

  • Vocor_Kane

    It’s actually looking more and more likely there will be a PS4 price drop. Look at all bundles recently trying to add value at the $400 price point. Retailers often use this technique before a price drop. Simply the large number of retailers that have been doing this over the past few weeks is a dead giveaway that a price drop is imminent.

    • madmofo145

      As some one that keeps tracks of deals on consoles, I’d say it goes past that as well. The Last of Us bundle routinely sells for $350, or $400 with some added bonus (extra game, year of PS+, headset, etc). I would personally be quite surprised if there wasn’t a $50 drop as it’s gotten to the point where the $400 msrp is quite misleading and seems like a ripoff given all the “deals” there are.

      The Vita is a different story. While a price drop would make sense (heck the new Vita’s with their LCD screens should be cheaper to produce yet still sell at the 199 price point their OLED versions had been), the extremeness of the purported drop is pretty large. A $50 dollar drop, the announcement of a good game or two, and a pricecut on memory cards would be a much better plan.

  • elizabeth

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  • Tien H

    The article spoke too soon. It looks like Sony is releasing a new version of the PS4 with a more than likely price drop to $349 during E3.

  • ThomasNeidhart

    what a pity then. I’d buy a new Vita for $100. they make a ton on the proprietary memory, and each game sold, so why not sell it for about cost to get it in my hands. oh well, I won’t buy unless they do, and haven’t for a couple years already. I know at least 2 other friends who would buy it if it wasn’t $200, because we’re not huge gamers, but this would entice us because if one got it, the others would do the same and we’d buy a game or two each to share.

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