Since it was first announced Bungie has made no secret of the fact that Destiny has a plan, a long, decade-length plan. With the beginning of the game’s second year of content landing this fall with The Taken King, Bungie has clarified that your Destiny characters aren’t going anywhere, and will be with you for the next ten years.

In an interview with Gamesrader, Engineering Lead Luke Timmins promised as much, saying, “We certainly take it seriously that Destiny is a ten-year thing. It’s a long-term thing and with these adventures that we’re adding my contract to you – and any player – is that your Guardian will always be there.” While there is really no telling how much the game will change over the next ten years, this of course comes as a comfort to players that have already sunk hundreds of hours into their guardians.

That said, going forward it remains to be seen just how Bungie will handle new players and overall progression in the game’s continued expansions and sequels. These questions are still far off however as we wait for Destiny’s third content release, The Taken King, shown to be a sizable expansion to the game, to arrive this fall. Adding new subclasses, competitive maps, story missions, and even a raid, look for The Taken King September 15th when it lands for $40.

What do you think of your Destiny character staying with you for the next decade? Let us know in the comments.

  • Brien Jackson

    I think that’s pretty cool overall. Having the same character(s) you started with sounds very MMO-ish, which is sort of what Bungie wants. Plus it means you don’t have to start all over again whenever Destiny 2 comes out.

    • Colin

      except for the fact mmos dont generally make you pay for patches, IE DLC. WoW, FF14, SWTOR, all have significant patches that add swathes of content that is free. I enjoyed destiny while i had a console, but i certainly dont like the idea of the story being butchered into DLCs just to make more money. I had high hopes, i got the collectors edition and everything. And after the final chapter (i thought it was just the 1st major chapter) I realized they had downsized the game to increase sales.

      EDIT: it speaks for itself, a patch adding one raid. new subclass, new story missions? 40 bucks? thats a game. FF14 did it for free, added an entirely new class for free. I just am super bummed they went with the horde of dlc, otherwise i would be still playing it 🙁

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