Tom Clancy’s: The Division was hardly a solid game on release but nevertheless The Division still managed to be an engaging game that has garnered a large player base, glitches and all. The latest update to the game has left some of those players without characters, and this isn’t even the first time.

So far the issue has only been reported for the PC version of the game so if you’re on console and haven’t checked back in a while, don’t fret you’re fine. Both the official subreddit and forum page have blown up with numerous complaints.

Natchai Stappers, community manager at Ubisoft, took to the forum to say; “Hey, our team is aware of the issue. Can you please let us know your usernames asap so we can investigate?” if that fails to solve your issue however I recommend checking out the Customer Support page.

Despite the issue brought on by the update, Update 1.2 Conflict did bring numerous new features and fixes that are detailed here for those of you who are interested.

So has this issue affected you and if not how do you feel about the latest division update? Let us know in the comments.

  • maybeinoregon

    I think it’s a great update! Lots to do for the PvE and PvP player. Interesting how they addressed the issue of glitchers and cheaters…we’ll just raise everyone else’s gear score to the glitches/cheaters by making it rain teal gear! Ironically, although this may sound silly at first read, it’s a sound strategy on their part. Kudos to Ubi…and thanks for making the game interesting post level 30!

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