1277954_712453935447465_115875135_oFans of the third installment in the popular series Dragon Age will be pleased to know that earlier this week Bioware member Mark Darrah tweeted about downloadable content for Inquisition being in development.

Prior to this point, there was no solid word on any further work for the game, and the creative director for Dragon Age: Inquisition had previously proved tight-lipped about whether anything was being planned by the developers.

In his tweet, Darrah was very vague about any details relating to the DLC; while it was too much to hope for an announcement of a release date, there was also no hint about the content of these future game expansions. It is likely, however, that any DLC developments will focus on the main story character, rather than the new cooperative multiplayer mode, which Bioware has been very open about discussing their plans for.

Although the company has been cranking out title updates and patches since the game’s launch in November (including the most recent PC patches being released onto the console versions this past week) , this is the first fans have heard of strictly new single-player game experiences.

While it is extremely unlikely that fans will see new content any time soon, they can take heart in the knowledge that something is on its way. Not that current devotees are at a loss for activity, however: the world created for the game is expansive and complex, with hundreds of hours of original gameplay possibilities, and it will be exciting to see what Bioware has to add to the adventures of the Inquisition.

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