In Bungie’s latest weekly update, the developer has revealed some exciting new features coming to Destiny that should greatly help out select players, such as new color configurations for players who are colorblind.

In update 1.1.2, colorblind support will be implemented for players who can’t perceive certain things in the game. “We don’t all see the world the same way. This isn’t some existential statement. Some of our eyes literally see color differently.”

“Destiny relies on color to communicate some pretty important information to the player, particularly in the user interface.

You may not have trouble distinguishing the red blips on the motion tracker from the red surface of Mars, for example, but chances are you know someone who does.”


The changes will also help those who’re colorblind better identify things such as loop drop qualities or enemy shield types. Other changes in the update include new audio options that will allow players to tweak chat volume coming through your speakers (not your headset), sound effects, game dialogue, and music.

Destiny will also be throwing in a new incentive to encourage people to keep the music on, teasing: “To prove again that Destiny music can also enhance the time you spend with your friends, we’ve added a fun little audio Easter egg to the game,” writes audio boss Jay Weinland. “It’ll be in there, somewhere. Once the update is live, see if you can find it…” But if you’d rather play your own music, the patch will support that too.

Other notable changes on the way are additional storage space and various raid fixes.

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