As Xur arrives in the Tower for his weekend sale, Destiny players can also take comfort in knowing next week’s Weekly Heroic and Nightfall Strike ahead of time.

As leaked by Reddit’s fabled Megamanexe4, next week’s Strike is ‘The Summoning Pits’, starring Phogoth, everyone’s favorite Ogre. Next week’s Destiny Nightfall will feature:



Arc Burn



Having the Arc Burn in The Summoning Pits won’t be quite as bad as bad in the final fight with Phogoth, considering that the Ogre himself does Void damage, but considering that the Strike takes place in the Hellmouth, most Hive enemies deal Arc Damage.

Finding yourself in close quarters with blade-swinging Knights or Thrall will also land you in hot water, considering that they deal immense damage when Lightswitch is active. The fight with Phogoth is particularly intense, given the number of Thrall, Wizards, Knights, and Acolytes; most of which either hit you or shoot some sort of Arc-based weapon. Plus, Phogoth is shooting his death-ray your way.

The Weekly Heroic takes things back a step by just having Arc Burn and Heroic modifiers active, making for a more forgiving raid; albeit challenging.

Guardians can go about beating the Strike a number of ways, but the most popular seems to be staying in the first room before entering Phogoth’s chamber. In there, each player can shoot at Phogoth with their weapon of choice, all while avoiding the majority of enemies outside.

There are a couple of occasions on which you will need to retreat – when enemies, such as Wizards and Knights, enter the room to murder you, or when a Shrieker spawns behind you; both of which will happen. When they do, retreat to the second room back, and simply wait for the enemies to despawn, then head back in to rinse and repeat.

In his post, Megaman also announced that he is no longer able to successfully predict Xur’s stock, meaning that his stock will well and truly be a surprise from now on.

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