343 Industries recently announced that, as part of their apology to fans for Halo: Master Chief Collection‘s shaky launch, it will include Halo 3: ODST as a free download some time in the near future. To get you excited for ODST, here are some old concept art shots, and they look fantastic.

While opinions are divisive, many fans considered ODST as one of the better titles in the series because of its noir-style take on the traditional Halo formula, its open-ended HUB of missions, the soundtrack, and firefight mode. As such, including ODST in the Master Chief Collection is great move on 343 Industries’ part.

The concept art below captures ODST‘s noir atmosphere, showing off multiple locations from the game’s story and firefight mode. Personally, I am looking forward to its re-release to grab some more Achievements and play as Nathan Fillion once more.


Halo ODST 2

Halo ODST 3



Halo ODST 7


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