2913579-3ds1A beauty ain’t she? Well like every other cool looking 3DS iteration model, the odds of the western world receiving a copy is virtually null. This amazing looking Monster Hunter X New 3DS XL has been confirmed to be released at the same time as the game in Japan.

There has been no word on the release of the game nor the N3DS over in North America or Europe, but the odds are strong for the game’s western release with MH4U’s success over here.

When procurers of this handheld receive their 3DS, they will also be treated to two MHX themes for their 3DS menu screen. One will feature the popular and well known Felynes while the other will feature some of the flagship monsters from MHX. Boy does that Felyne one look adorable!

2913586-mhx2 2913585-mhx1

MHX is slated to be released on the 28th of November this year, this 3DS will most likely be bundled with the game. The slick red MHX 3DS by itself will be priced in Japan at 26,000 yen which in very rough currency exchanges will mean around $260.



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