The former ‘Creative Strategist’ for Infinity Ward, Robert Bowling, has been given the new mantle of Vice President and Creative Director of Humble Bundle. The news comes as he revealed to IGN that the desire to do so was due to him “experiencing first hand the trials and tribulations of getting games out the door and getting them discovered by new audiences”.

Prior to this sudden new role; he had to close down his own studio; Robotoki due to not being able to self-fund the game’s development before he could get assistance for their game: Human Element. As such he has had to put the project on hold and close Robotoki two months ago.

There is scepticism going around over how Humble Bundle will do under the creative leadership of Robert due to his past; some warranted. What do you think? I’m always a person to give chances, but if this sours, I know there will be utter chaos.

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