As revealed sometime last month Re-Logic had unveiled Terraria: Otherworld; the alternate dimension game that painted Terraria in a more RPG driven style.

At the GDC, Re-Logic had offered more information about Terraria: Otherworld, and toting a better look at the game in the form of a new trailer:

The art style looks a lot more polished than in the announcement trailer and while the character movement seems to look a little goofy, the animation for virtually everything else looks stellar. This game is indeed a different breed from Terraria despite sharing its name; it’s most certainly a different game.

A noteworthy addition to the game is the seemingly ‘tower defence’ element of protecting a crystal or machine; something that was definitely not in Terraria. Its purpose is still unknown but speculation comes from the sequence in which the purple ‘corruption’ is being cleansed by the machine.

The game is starting to shape up nicely; considering that the footage provided is still in pre-alpha. I’m honestly pleased with how it looks, and I’m looking forward to even more changes that can only make it look incredible. How do you feel about the game? Still on the fence?

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