2.5 billion zombies have been slain, suffering the same fate at the hands of filthy video game murderers (that’s you lot).

This is according to a very cool infographic which also boasts a wealth of other impressive facts and figures, recently released by Sledgehammer Games. 2,591,920,137 zombies had been killed at the time the infographic was published, to be exact. Lest we forget them. The full statistics are as follows…

  • Players have boost jumped more than 105 trillion times which could take them around the world roughly 14 thousand times.
  • The assault rifle class has been used the most – 24% of the time, whilst special weapons have only been used 2% of the time.
  • There has been 195,416,271 dog fight kills.
  • 1,397,836,776 supply drops have been earned. 2,413,692,291 total loot items have been earned whilst 361,383,001 total elite items have been given.
  • Let’s also spare a thought for the exo zombies, of which 2,591,920,137 have been killed with 223,835,265 exo zombies waves completed.
  • 2,249,728,574 grenades have been thrown of which 44% were frags and merely 0.5% were smoke grenades.
  • Finally, 2,442,999,424 exo abilities have been deployed. The most popular ability is the Overclock ability which makes up for 26% of the figure, whilst at the other end of the spectrum the Trophy ability only contributes to 1% of the total.

All facts and figures are correct at the time between Call of Duty Advanced Warfare being released and Sledgehammer Games producing/publishing the infographic.

In short, people like to play Advanced Warfare and lots of it. The likelihood of players growing tired of the formula any time soon is rather thin then, but they might have options to choose from in the near future anyway, if the latest Call of Duty Black Ops III rumors are to be believed. Are you playing Advanced Warfare and are you still enjoying it in the thriving online community? Let us know. The full infographic can be found below.

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