Destiny’s second expansion, House of Wolves, will be released on May 19, Activision confirmed today. This date falls in line with the publisher’s announced second-quarter 2015 release window and provides confirmation for a February leak by famed Destiny hacker, megamanexe4.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the game’s next expansion since the release of the first expansion, The Dark Below, back in December. Bungie has stated that they do not plan on repeating the mistakes of The Dark Below, hoping to find new ways for players to upgrade their exotics without resetting their weapon progress. Furthermore, the studio wants to avoid invalidating hard-earned raid gear by selling more powerful gear on day one; what Bungie will do instead to negate this issue remains to be seen.

According to information datamined by megamanexe4, House of Wolves will take players to a new social hub in the Reef, an area previously used for cutscenes. Otherwise, the expansion will contain a similar amount of content to The Dark Below: one raid, two new strikes, three new Crucible maps, and a “new Awoken storyline.”

House of Wolves is “free” for those who bought the season pass at $34.99, while players who bought each expansion individually will have to pay $19.99. Bungie plans on releasing a much larger expansion this fall, tentatively given the codename “Comet.”

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