Another weekend marks the return of Destiny players’ favorite vendor in the Tower – Xur: Agent of the Nine. Every weekend, Xur brings with him an assortment of Exotic armor pieces, weapons, and miscellaneous items, which makes his wares highly sought after by Guardians around the world.

This weekend, Xur is hanging out at the balcony next to the Speaker, crowded by like-minded Guardians looking for rare Exotics to add to their collection. His stock this weekend includes one Exotic Rocket Launcher and three armor pieces, each of which has a respectable roll of stats.

The Glasshouse Titan Helmet 110 Intellect SC 13
Don’t Touch Me Hunter Gauntlets 77 Discipline SC 13
Sunbreakers Warlock Gauntlets 79 Intellect SC 13
Dragon’s Breath Rocket Launcher SC 17
Exotic Shard Material SC 7
Exotic Engram Body Armor Engram MoL 23

The Glasshouse in particular has a good roll of stats this week, and is a great piece of gear for any Titan to pick up. Dragon’s Breath, meanwhile, is an Exotic Rocket Launcher worth your Strange Coins, though it seems many players are still pining for that other Solar-damage Rocket Launcher Xur still isn’t selling.

As well as Exotic weapons, armor, materials, and engrams, Xur has Heavy Ammo Synthesis, two Vehicle upgrades, and three weapon Telemetries for sale this weekend. The Heavy Ammo Synthesis alone is enough to draw me in for a visit this week.

Xur’s stock this week isn’t quite as exciting as his last, given that he sold the much-awaited MIDA Multi-Tool. For a break down of all the stats, visit Destiny Reddit’s Xur Megathread.

From now and into the future, Xur’s stock will remain a mystery, given that Destiny Reddit’s famous ‘Megamanexe4’ revealed he can no longer accurately predict Xur’s stock ahead of time. What he can predict, however, is next week’s Weekly Heroic and Nightfall Strike, which is everyone’s least favorite – featuring Valus Ta’aurc on Mars.

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