The popular demo for Final Fantasy XV is due to get an update in May. Released alongside Final Fantasy Type 0 in March, the demo for FFXV will be brought to version 2.0. This will include bug fixes, adds combat actions and makes balance adjustments. It will also adjust the camera targeting system as well as enhancing the cooperative move system (Active Cross Battle).

The update also aims to reduce the variation in frame rate that the game suffers from during battles. In a recent analysis from Digital Fondry it was noted that the PS4 version often drops from 30 FPS to around 25-28 FPS while the Xbox One version is lower by up to 5 FPS. They said “as it stands, this particular demo produces perhaps the lowest level if performance we’ve seen in an Xbox One game to date.

The game itself still has no release date so expect some news on that from Square Enix’s E3 presentation.

So is the demo for Final Fantasy XV, in actual fact, a small beta test? Or did Square Enix not quite hit the mark they wanted? Did you play the demo? Any thoughts let me know in the comments below!

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