Goat simulator was officially released onto the Xbox One today; an Xbox 360 release will also be arriving at a later date.

Goat simulator was a cult-hit on the PC with it’s ragdoll physics, amazing graphics, wide variety of goats including tall goat and the ability to pick up object with the goat’s tongue as well as latch onto moving objects with it. The game also received a free MMO expansion providing many goat classes to play as whilst beating quests and also parodying MMO’s such as World of Warcraft at the same time.

The game was originally developed by Coffee Stain Studios and released for Windows in April 2014, later versions for Mac and Linux were released in June 2014. Ports for iOS and Android versions were released later in the year once the game’s popularity had grown exponentially. Releases on the Xbox consoles will be it’s first official console port and there are no current mentions of Goat Simulator coming to Playstation.

The Xbox versions however have been developed by Double Eleven who have ported games to console before. Goat Simulator is well known for it’s bugs, glitches and physics issues which add to the games charm so there is no doubt the problems will plague the console version also; hopefully however without any major game-breaking bugs which are considerably more difficult for console players to fix and deal with. The PC version of Goat Simulator has steam workshop support including user-made fixes for bugs as well as new user-made game content are available for those players who want them.

Goat Simulator is a small download and will not take up much hardspace with it’s 878.25 MB’s which should also provide users with a fast download and install. The game is now available in the console downloads sections for $10 (£7.99).

Check out the official website here


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