Mortal Kombat X, which releases today, has been revealed to be coming with a whole bunch of downloadable content. One piece of DLC gives players a chance to pay for access to “easy fatalities” against other characters.

Easier controller inputs are how MKX creates this for the player once they cough up the cash.

5 simplified fatalities will cost you $.99 and 30 will go for $4.99

Other available DLC for you to purchase is listed below.

Kombat Pack ($29.99) –  Get early access to 4 characters (including Jason Vorhees and Predator), plus skins.

Goro ($4.99) – get the chance to play as Goro

Blue Steel Sub-Zero ($1.99)  –  play as Blue Steel Sub Zero.

Unlock all Krypt items ($19.99) – lets you unlock everything in the Krypt in one go.

Samurai Pack (bundle only) –  three new character skins

Are you picking up MKX today? How do you feel about the chance to buy yourself an easy win? Let us know below and see what we thought of the game here.

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