Pokemon Shuffle is a free-to-play title for the Nintendo 3DS. The game has been incredibly successful, and is now celebrating reaching over 3 million downloads.

As of now, Pokemon Shuffle has been downloaded 3.5 million times. To help celebrate, Nintendo is offering players a special challenge. The event runs from April 27th to May 18th. The challenge will give players access to the Pokemon Celebi, and will reward them with 1,000 coins upon completion for the first time. Of course, players will need to  be running the 1.1.11 version of the game in order to participate. Celebi cannot be caught through normal gameplay, and will only be obtainable through this event.

Pokemon Shuffle released in February of this year. It is one of two Pokemon themed free-to-play titles, with the other being Pokemon Rumble World. 3.5 million downloads is an impressive feat, and will hopefully lead to more quality free-to-play content from Nintendo in the future.

What do you think? Have you downloaded Pokemon Shuffle? Are you excited for the Celebi event? Sound out below.

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