As many of you most likely heard, the country of Nepal was struck earlier this week with a massive earthquake with a 7.8 magnitude. This tragedy is responsible for more than 4,800 deaths in the landlocked country. How can you help during this crisis?

Ubisoft Montreal, who had spent the past few years in Nepal for inspiration on much of the look and feel of Far Cry 4, has teamed up with Canadian Red Cross to begin their own service they are calling the Nepal Region Earthquake Fund. Here anyone can donate money for relief in Nepal. The company also added that it will be matching any donations up to the first $100,000.

Having raised over $6,000 they have definitely made decent progress, but they could certainly use more. You can visit the fund’s official website here if you would like to donate yourself.

As Ubisoft said themselves, “Thanks for your generosity and please, spread the word.”



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