In a recent interview with Game Informer, Warren Spector, developer on games such as Deus Ex and Epic Mickey, spoke about his work with Valve on an abandoned episode of Half-Life 2 and a new weapon for the series called the “Magnet Gun.”

“[Valve] was really into episodic content at that point,” said Spector, who was heading Junction Point Studios when approached by Valve to work on the Half-Life series.  “We were working on an episode that would fill in one of the gaps in the Half-Life story. So we were trying to flesh out a specific part of the world of Half-Life and we created a new tool. A thing we elegantly called the Magnet Gun, which I still wish they would do something with.”

Spector goes on to say the team had many different uses for the weapon, but when Disney approached him to work on a new series, his desire to work for the legendary company ultimately caused him to abandon his work with Valve.  “When you have the opportunity to work with the most recognizable icon on planet Earth,” Spector said, “anybody who says no to that is nuts.”

Spector now works as a professor at the University of Texas for the Denius-Sams Gaming Academy.

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