It’s been quite a long time coming, but the PlayStation Plus edition of Sony’s online-racer Driveclub may finally be close to releasing.

A leaked video appearing on a Greek gaming forum reveals the cars and tracks available to PlayStation Plus subscribers who choose to download the game when it is released sometime in the future.

A decent list of cars and tracks appear to be available as shown across the five minute video, with a message appearing over non-eligible ones reading “This car is not available in the PlayStation Plus Edition of Driveclub.”

Driveclub was released last fall for the PlayStation 4 to a wide array of online connectivity issues that rendered the game unplayable for many who purchased it. A limited PS Plus version was originally promised at launch, but was pushed back due to the numerous problems users experienced with the game.

Are you still going to take a spin in Driveclub when the PS Plus version comes out?


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