CD Projekt have announced that five former THQ games will be unchained and sold without DRM for the very first time on The ‘newfound freedom’ of DRM-free will also come with a sale for all five games.

The five new titles are:

  • Metro Last Light Redux(50% Off) – The remastered re-release of the popular FPS/Horror
  • Saints Row 2(60% Off) – The open world hit and arguably the last grounded Saints Row title
  • Saints Row: The Third(66% Off) – The sequel that decided to turn the series on its head and slap it with a ‘penetrator’
  • Darksiders + Darksiders 2(75% Off) – Become a horseman of the apocalypse and wreak havoc as Death or War

All of these titles including DLC are discounted until May 18, 12:59pm GMT.

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