Continuing the steady steam of reveals leading up to the game’s first expansion, ‘Heart of Thorns,’ ArenaNet, the developers behind Guild Wars 2, have showcased another quick glimpse at one of the new ‘elite specializations’ headed to the MMO. This time, it is the Guardian elite specialization, the Dragonhunter.

Introducing the longbow to the character profession, the Dragonhunter features traps, aimed skills, and grander applications of current abilities (instead of a group heal, the Dragonhunter now grows wings and leaps to a location, healing everyone in range).

Explaining in the announcement, ArenaNet said, “We’ve decided to incorporate a more physical aspect into the guardian…” For the guardians virtues, “Instead of fire-and-forget, we’ll be introducing more focused abilities that allow you to lend a better helping hand around the battlefield; virtues will become corporeal and will require you to aim them to some extent.” And while the longbow means you’ll be further from the action, it also means you “will have lots of potential in assisting allies around the battlefield.” For all the details on the new specialization, be sure to check out ArenaNet’s full write up.

Last week, they introduced the Mesmer specialization, the Chronomancer. It was also recently revealed just how big a change the new specialization system will be when ‘Heart of Thorns’ finally arrives.

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