The news of the devastating earthquake which struck Nepal a week ago has been impossible to miss. It’s estimated around 8 million people have been affected. The death toll has risen to over 6,600, and Nepalese officials are not expecting to find anymore survivors.

So, what can you do to help? If you’re an EVE Online player, your options include using CCP’s in-game donation system; PLEX for GOOD. Players will be able to donate via this method until 23:59:59 on Friday May 15. CCP explains how to do so:

To make your PLEX for GOOD donation:

  • Contract one or more PLEX to the “CCP PLEX for GOOD” character on a 14-day item exchange contract.
  • Contracts will be accepted within 24 hours of submission, though usually sooner than that.

Please ensure the receiving character is the one named above, and double check the character is in the C C P Corporation to avoid contracting PLEX to the incorrect character. CCP cannot guarantee the return of PLEX contracted to the wrong character.

If you do decide to donate, you’ll get yourself a little in-game thank you:

As a gesture of thanks, for each PLEX you donate CCP will give you two virtual in-game t-shirts: the Sisters of EVE Food Relief “’Humanitarian’ T-shirt YC117” (one male and one female) for use in EVE to show your support for PLEX for GOOD. These t-shirts are currently being designed, and will be distributed with a later release once they are finalized.

For more information on the PLEX for GOOD program in general, head over to the EVE Wiki.

And don’t forget, there are a magnitude of ways to donate should you not be an EVE Online player.

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