Nintendo’s recent hit, Splatoon, can be played with two controllers taped together, for some reason.

This method will work exclusively for the game’s local, 1v1 Battle Dojo multiplayer mode. All you have to do is tie a Wii Remote Plus controller to a Wii U Pro controller and all of a sudden you have a crazy new button layout. Nintendo had this to say…

“It seems a Wii Remote Plus is necessary to perform this incredible feat. This technique also appears to be possible when using a Classic Controller or Classic Controller Pro! When using a Wii U Pro Controller, first press ZL and ZR to select that as your controller, and then press the 2 Button on the Wii Remote Plus to activate it.”

Personally, I like playing my video games with one controller but what about you? Are you looking forward to playing more games with two controllers? Do you like holding one controller in your hands and one between your feet? The future of gaming is here.

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