Toren is the upcoming indie title from Brazilian developer Swordtales. Today, the developer gave us the game’s release date.

Toren will release on the PlayStation 4 on May 12th. PlayStation Plus members will receive a 10% discount during the first week of launch. Along with the release date announcement, a trailer for Toren was released (seen below). The game takes a nod from PS2 classic Ico, giving players a beautiful, silent world without an obvious narrator. Toren also features a colorful look inspired by Brazilian artwork and mythology.

In Toren, players take control of Moonchild, who is destined to climb the tower known as Toren, on a solitary adventure to find her purpose. Growth is a powerful idea in Toren, as the player starts as a small child, and must learn how to walk and interact with the world. As the game progresses, Moonchild will grow up, and will learn new powers and abilities that will allow her to interact with the world in different ways.

What do you think? Will you be checking out Toren? Sound out below.

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