Last week Nintendo shared their financial results for the last financial year, which ends May 31, 2015, and it appears that Nintendo is back to profitability. After many  years of losses, Nintendo is back to making profits.

Its safe to say that this success is due to the 3DS family (3DS, 2DS, 3DS XL, and New 3DS) which has sold over has sold over 52 million units, while the Wii U has yet to sell 1 million.

So far, the Wii U has sold 9,540,000 units worldwide, which is under half of the 21 million unit sales of the Gamecube. While the Wii U sales pale in comparison of the 3DS family, the home console has a decent attach rate of 5.94 games per console.

Also, apparently Nintendo is planning to take a “more active approach” to character merchandising outside of games. Could we possibly be seeing movies or graphic novels?

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