If there is anything that makes Steam special it is the fact that weird, unique stuff like True Bliss can make its way into the marketplace.

True Bliss is an indie art came developed by Kiss Ltd. (most likely one dedicated dude in his living room). Players will take control of a dot that bops around interdimensional sonicscapes on a quest to move, deform and connect the geometry.

Okay, maybe this is getting a little abstract. But that is what True Bliss is about. As the developer says, “True Bliss is a timelapse audiovisual experience. It may be perceived both as an abstract computer 3D game in which you modify geometry to achieve [you] goal, and as a realtime simulator of networks Where properties of interconnected entities may be attributed, transmitted and blended.”

That makes perfect sense right?


Well deal with it.

This is the beauty of outlets like Steam. It is incredible that a single person with an artistic vision is able to make a unique game, but that they can also draw a living off of it.

If you can handle something that doesn’t quite make sense but still looks good as it confuses you, think about checking out True Bliss; it has officially dropped on Steam. It boasts 2 gameplay modes, 85 levels and unlimited combinations, not to mention a vast library of shapes to play with.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HptPMjJvtro]

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