Patch 6.2 in World of Warcraft is currently being tested on the Public Test Realm and one of the new features that will be introduced with it is Bonus Events. Bonus events will run from Friday to Monday each week and will offer a passive bonus to a particular in game activity and once per event reward each week. There will be 7 different events with a different one running each weekend. Two of those will be Timewalking events, which I covered last month. Draenor dungeons will be featured as another, awarding players bonus reputation with relevant factions upon completion of random dungeons and a Herioc Hellfire Citadel Cache for players who complete two Mythic level dungeons.

For PvP players there will be two events, one for random battlegrounds and one for arenas, which will award players with triple honour points and completing a certain amount will grant players with 500 Conquest points that don’t count towards the weekly cap. Wannabe Pokemon trainers will get the chance to earn triple experience for their pets in the pet battle weekend whilst winning 5 pet battles during the event gives the player an Ultimate Battle-Training Stone which instantly raises any pet’s level to 25.

The final event is an Apexis Shard gathering boost. Drop rates for the shards will be increased by three times and in return for completing 3 area assault objectives players will get a “sizeable amount of oil to fuel new Naval Missions as part of your Shipyard. But more on the shipyard when Blizzard release details.

The new Bonus Event weekends are a clear attempt at maintaining the continuation of a solid player base in the World of Warcraft as part of a new roll out of content, but is it enough for you? How does patch 6.2 look to be shaping up for you? Have you quit the game recently? And would the new changes bring you back? Tell me about it or rant about Warcraft in the comments below!

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