Minecraft has been one of the most popular and successful independent titles in the history of video games. What is great about this game is that Mojang, the developers, are constantly working on ways to keep it fresh and ever changing. The world is always growing with new features, enemies, and more. The latest update plans on bringing out the adventurer in all of its players.

Update 1.11 is out now for Minecraft on PC and Mac. This is being called the Exploration Update. With this is the introduction of the Cartographer. As his name suggests, he will give you maps in exchange for some emeralds. These maps will have marks for special locations to find treasure and other great rewards.

Beware! You will not simply be able to walk into this areas, grab your treasure, and stroll out of there. They will be guarded by new enemies to Minecraft. Illagers, Vexes, and other creepy traps stand in your way to get what you deserve. Fight your way through and then be rewarded with a llama ride to carry all your goodies. Check out the trailer below to see the action first hand.

The Exploration update is available now for Minecraft on PC and Mac. Go on your new adventure today.

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