Rocksteady has confirmed in a recent trailer breakdown that doubled up as a Q&A that in the upcoming Batman Arkham Knight players will not need to unlock any new character skins as they will all be available right from the off.

In Arkham games prior, players have had to complete certain tasks within the game to unlock any special skins (or buy them); one of these rare skins could be a 70s Batman outfit for example. However, when asked if players will have to unlock skins in Arkham Knight, Rocksteady representatives stated that all skins will be available “right from the off”.

Whether this is good or bad news will probably depend on how much time you like to invest in your games. Some of you will be happy to play around in Gotham with zero load times with any outfit you like from the start, whilst others will likely miss the reward and exclusivity of having worked for the skin. Either way, let us know what you think.


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