Yesterday, Bungie announced  it’s new partnership with Red Bull and how you will be able to find specially marked cans of the energy drink that a has a code that will unlock both the quest and an experience boost.

Well, the Dying Light dev Techland decided to make fun of this special offer. If you look on Dying Lights official Twitter page, you can see the ‘parody’ picture that Techland made to make fun of Bungie and Red Bull.  “We’re jumping on the latest trend in game marketing!”

As you can see in the pictures below, the Dying Light “ad” looks somewhat similar to the Destiny one. The Dying Light picture calls water “delicious and great for your health,” which is a clear shot at Red Bull. According to the picture, if you tweet a picture of yourself drinking a glass of water with the hashtag “DrinkRightDyingLight,” you’ll get a code for premium weapons.



Whether you’re on Techland’s or Bungie’s side on this, you can’t deny that this was an extremely clever move by Techland.

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