This week publisher Viva Media and independent game developers Whalebox Studios announced an upcoming game with some giant ambitions. The new game, Goliath will be released this upcoming winter and looks to be a unique spin on the average open-world game. Set for release on Steam (PC), Mac, and Linux, players are dropped into a war-torn world where monsters rule the land. Fortunately for them, players can build their own giants to explore the land and attempt to survive.

Players will be able to hunt for materials in order to craft weapons and of course, Goliaths, giant robotic suits that will help even the odds against other monstrosities. Players will have the opportunity to build a variety of Goliaths out of materials like wood, stone, metal and variety of other materials. With theses Goliaths, they will join a faction and attempt to win the war.

Don’t worry, you’ll be able to team up with friends in both co-op and multiplayer. More details about the game will be revealed at E3 this month and it’s save to sat there are some giant expectations for Goliath.

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