Tahm Kench, The River King is the latest champion to grace the League of Legends with his presence. It’s been a while since the actual reveal of the champion earlier this week, but I wanted to make sure that I got a chance to try him out on the public beta environment before letting you guys know what I thought.

This over sized toad is a true glutton for trouble. He is a crossroads demon who’s entire lore and champion concept revolves around his insatiable urge to devour anything with importance or worth in the world while offering enticing deals of travel to their hearts’ utmost desires. A deal with The River King is usually more than most can handle, as he consumes every aspect of your life, as he has the happiness of countless fools that let him into their lives.

Tahm Kench was designed by Riot with what feels like everything about the current meta of the game in mind. His kit has many useful things in it from hard crowd-control, to interrupts and team fight disruption, to tankiness and damage mitigation, to a semi global presence. Tahm Kench has enough to be played as a solo laner as well as a tanky support, as intended by Riot’s design team. He is useful in most situations in the way he can remove enemies from fights spitting them out a few seconds later with a massive debuff or protect allies from danger within his belly for a few seconds that can make all the difference in a team fight.

He has the ability to be a great duelist as he has ways of shrugging off large amounts of damage and regaining considerable amounts of health, as well as a 3-stack auto attack passive that augments all of his abilities to be much stronger if he can set it up on an enemy. His ultimate skill allows him to journey massive distances across the map, rivaling the presence of champions such as Twisted Fate and even Rek’Sai, as Tahm Kench can also bring one allied champion with him on his journey if he so pleases, making for insane rotations to taking objectives such as dragons or towers.

If you want to see the details of everyone of his skills for yourself, I suggest checking out the Riot Games official reveal page for a better grasp on exactly what it is I’m talking about. Regardless the champion is fun to play, streamlined in conceptual simplicity, and therefore easy to understand.

Tahm Kench should be making a huge splash soon on League of Legends live servers sooner rather than later.


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