Thanks to the developers at Wargaming, we will see a revival of a classic space RTS. Originally released in 1993, Master of Orion has defined the 4x turn-based space RTS genre since its fruition. While many thought the series would die off with Atari’s bankruptcy, Wargaming bought the series in a 2013 auction of its properties. Today, Wargaming has announced a reboot of the popular game. Since they bought the series, little had been heard about it until now.

Wargaming plans on improving the visuals, rebuilding the UI, gathering new voice actors, and even creating new compositions by the original game’s composer. Their desire seems to be to update as much of Master of Orion as possible while keeping with the game’s original roots. As well, Wargaming plans on bringing in NGD Studios to develop the reboot. Andrés Chilkowski, co-founder and CEO of NGD Studios, confirms that their studio has made many improvements to the overall game but will continue to keep its classic gameplay that has been a cult hit for over 20 years.

Wargaming is particularly excited to be working on the Master of Orion series. “Master of Orion is a game that brings Wargaming truly back to its roots, not only as a company but also in how it influenced my personal interest in both games and making them,” said Victor Kislyi, CEO at Wargaming. “The series’ iconic gameplay has stood the test of time and working with NGD Studios to bring the series back to life is a truly exciting moment for the team.”

How do you feel about the recent announcement? Do you think that Master of Orion should be remastered? Or do you think that the original version is the way to go? Sound off in the comments!

Source: GameInformer

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