Thinking it is too soon to pre-order Fallout 4? Not at this price!

Let’s be honest, we are all massively excited after THAT announcement trailer, the hype is undoubtedly high already. With 4 years since the initial release of Skyrim, we were all desperately waiting the next Bethesda open world to escape to for hundreds of hours. But with only a trailer and box art to go on, is it too early to buy in to the next installment? Green Man Gaming do not think so.

It seems online games outlet Green Man Gaming is eager to get on the hype train for Fallout 4 as, for the next 48 hours, they are offering PC (sorry console fans!) pre-orders at a 23% discount for a staggering $46. To do so, use code 23PERC-ENTOFF-48HOUR at checkout and you get to pre-order Fallout 4 for $46.20 instead of $59.99. Upon the game’s release, Green Man Gaming will be supplying users with a Steam key to access the game.

Pre-order Fallout 4 to test your survival mettle.

Vault-Tec approves this amazing deal!

Although there’s no set release date as of yet, it has been hinted at via the Bethesda store that we could see it later in 2015. Console players can look forward to current-gen versions on both the Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Until we get a release date, we can no doubt look ahead to E3 and wait with bated breath as to what details we can get our hands on surrounding the next edition of the essential First Person Western RPG. Exploring a Post-apocalyptic Boston has never seemed this exciting before!

For more information for the cash-strapped gamer, check out Mike’s article on gaming deals here.

Will you be making use of this to pre-order Fallout 4 with almost no information barring the trailer? Or are you determined to wait it out a little longer to see if you are definitely interested? Let us know!

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